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Whether you need a property survey or an elevation certificate, trust an Autenrieth land surveyor in Lansing to provide everything you need to complete your project. Serving clients in Lansing, Michigan, and surrounding areas, we do everything to bring the final product to you.


ALTA-ACSM (American Land Title Association™-American Congress on Surveying and Mapping™) land title surveys - Boundary Surveys - Topographical Surveys - Lot Surveys - Elevation Certifications - Land Development - Construction Layout

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Reach out to Autenrieth Land Surveys, LLC if You...:

• Have a Boundary Line Dispute
• Want to Build a Fence
• Want to Divide Your Property
• Have a Large Tract and Want to Sell Individual Building Sites
• Have an Issue with a Flood Plain or a Requirement for Flood Insurance
• Are Going to Construct an Addition to Your House or Garage
• Need to Know Where Your Property Lines Actually Are